Democrats of Napa Valley

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Why I Am a Democrat!

"The Democratic Party is still the party of the people, the party dedicated to empowering Americans from all walks of life. It is the party that believes government can and must play an important role in improving people's lives. It is the party that is constantly striving to achieve that 'more perfect union,' to make America the nation it promises to be. I am a Democrat because I can't possibly imagine being anything but a Democrat."
— Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown
"...the two political parties in our history have always been divided, as Emerson said, into the party of hope and the party of memory." — President John F. Kennedy
"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."
— President Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Democratic party, at its best, is the party of inclusion and is the party that led the drive after the great depression for social security of seniors, for jobs for common people, for mass-based education, for civil rights bills of the sixties."
— Reverend Jesse Jackson
"As the modern champion of the rights of minorities, women, and working families, the Democratic party opened the door to me."
— Governor Ann Richards
"The Democratic party I've come to understand is an inclusive and diverse party whose principles are drawn from the same roots that guided men who wrote our constitution."
— Senator George Mitchell
"...the fundamental appeal of the Democratic party has always been grounded in the principles of fairness, opportunity, equal justice for all and a firm belief that the mission of government is not to stand on the sidelines, but to be active in pursuing these goals for the people."
— Senator Ted Kennedy



Democrats of Napa Valley
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