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We’d love to have your voice join ours in bringing Democratic hope back to America. Help us change the political landscape for the betterment of all Americans.

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Message from our club president:

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Every year since I have been old enough to have a checking account, I am typically preparing to file my tax returns for the prior year before I have managed to break myself of the habit of writing the prior year's date on my checks.  But this year, for the first time ever, when January 1st rolled around, I didn't have that problem.  And I’m pretty sure that was because I was so ready to put what was for so many of us an extraordinarily dismal year behind me.

Though there are encouraging signs that the tide may be slowly turning, even just a casual glance in the rear-view mirror offers painful reminders that times have indeed been tough for many of us.  But they will, no doubt, get even tougher for all but the most privileged among us if we allow California to go the way of Massachusetts.  And if we are to keep that from happening in our Golden State, it is clear that we need to be ready to fend off a vocal, energized, increasingly mobilized and formidable right-wing effort to bring about a similar electoral train wreck, up and down the ticket, here in 2010.

So we are primed and we are ready for what is certain to be a challenging election year ahead.  But we cannot do this without your help.

Over the years, the Democrats of Napa Valley have registered, informed, and mobilized thousands of voters in Napa County.  While we can't take all the credit for turning this County from crimson to blue, we have played a prominent role in that, by putting the "boots on the ground" to serve as the mechanism that makes that happen.   We promote and support the causes that Democrats hold so dear, as well as the candidates who are the best advocates for those.  And we are working tirelessly to break the Republican minority's stranglehold on the California budget, revenue setting, and appropriations process.

It is the support and participation of our members, people like you, that makes this possible.  And we are more grateful for that than you will ever know.  We do our very best to demonstrate that to our members with all the good work, the hard work we do to protect and advance the causes that are so important to all of us.  And we look forward to spending the coming year walking down that path together with you.

The not-so-good-news is that we simply cannot do this important work without your help. (However, knowing that every dollar really counts these days, the good news is that we have also lowered our 2010 members dues accordingly.)  So please join us again this year to help us “fight the good fight” leading up to theNovember election for the candidates and the causes that are so important to sustaining and advancing the hard won progress we’ve made throughout the Napa Valley toward turning this beautiful place that we all call home an even more intense shade of Democratic blue.

Thank you for your support and for all of the good things that you do to help make the world a better place for all of us.

Warmest personal regards,

Joanne Gifford
President, Democrats of Napa Valley

We don't need polls to tell us who we are. We know where we stand, and we reaffirm the enduring principles that guide us. (continued)

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"We must reclaim the values of faith, family, patriotism and inclusive leadership for America."
- Wes Clark

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