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  DONV Bylaws
Any questions/comments about the bylaws can be directed to Joanne Gifford .

I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Democrats of Napa Valley Club.

II. Purpose

    A. The Democrats of Napa Valley Club (hereinafter called the Club) shall focus its efforts within Napa County; and shall seek to publicize activities, and to build its membership from registered Democrats within the County.  The Club may become involved with activities outside of the County by a 2/3 vote of those members present and voting at any Club meeting.  The Club shall report on the number of registered Democrats within the Napa County, a report on Democratic voter turnout in Napa County, and a comparison of local Democratic statistics to other political affiliations.

    B. To provide a forum for elected officials, candidates for office and concerned citizens to gather and discuss issues and ideas in an effort to promote Democratic ideals.

    C. To educate, inform and involve the public in important Democratic issues, policies and activities and gain greater access to legislative representatives through meetings, speakers, group letter writing, special projects or events, membership development, publicity and other community education efforts.

    D. To develop Democratic candidates for partisan and nonpartisan elected positions.

    E. To raise funds for our collective purposes, including making donations.

    F. To endorse candidates for State and Federal elected office and notify the community of our endorsements.

    G. To have fun while being good citizens.

III. Affiliation

    A. The Club is affiliated with the Napa County Democratic Central Committee (hereinafter called the Central Committee) and was duly chartered by the Committee.

    B. As a chartered and affiliated club of the Central Committee, the Club shall comply with bylaws of the Central Committee and the California Democratic Party, as they apply to fully chartered local affiliates.

    C. The Club shall apply for membership in the California Democratic Council.  Membership above the minimum affiliation level shall be permitted if approved by a majority vote of the membership or 2/3 of its officers.

IV. Membership Requirements

    A. Qualifications: Any individual qualifies for Club membership if:

      a. The individual is a registered Democrat; or

      b. The individual is ineligible to vote (due to minority, non-residency, or other legal impediment), but pledges to register as a Democrat when eligibility is attained; and

      c. Supports the purpose of the Club as stated in Article II, above.

    B.  Only active members are entitled to cast a vote in matters put before the  membership for a vote.

    C. A qualified individual shall be considered an active member only if

    a. The member has attended at least one meeting prior to being eligible to vote, and;

    b. The member has paid all club dues, and;

    c. The member will be at least 18 years of age on or before the date upon which the next local countywide election is scheduled to occur.

V. Dues

    A. Each member shall pay dues on an annual basis, as follows:

    Individual   $25
    Household* $40
    Senior (over age 60)   $20
    Veteran (US Armed Services) $15
    Student (Full time)   $10

    B. Dues are payable annually on the anniversary of the date upon which each member's respective initial application for membership was accepted. However, in cases where a past member has applied for the reinstatement of his/her lapsed membership, dues shall be payable annually on the anniversary date upon which that member's respective application for membership reinstatement was accepted.

    C. In cases where the payment of such dues will present or intensify a condition of financial hardship, new member applicants and renewing members may request a waiver or a reduction in the amount of his/her current year's annual dues payable.   .   
    *A Household membership may include up to three active members.  Annual dues payable for household memberships will be increased by $10 for each additional member greater than three from the same household who also desires active membership status.

VI. Meetings

    A. Regular Meetings

      a. The Club shall hold regular monthly meetings on such day as the membership may determine from time to time.

      b. Regular meetings shall not be canceled more than 3 times within any calendar year and in no event shall more than 2 regular meetings be canceled in succession.

    B. Special Meetings

      a. Special meetings may be called by the president at any time, on notice as specified below.

      b. In the absence of the president, any two officers may call a special meeting, on notice as specified below.

    C. Notice of Meeting

      a. Notice of regular or special meetings shall be given at least 24 hours in advance to all active members, in any manner as follows:

        i. Notice in writing by US mail
        ii. Notice in writing by e-mail
        iii. Telephone message

      b. Notice of the meeting shall be deemed sufficient by any manner specified above if such notice includes the date, time and place of the meeting and is calculated to be received at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

VII. Rules for Meetings

    A. The Club shall use the newly revised Roberts Rules of Order to govern parliamentary procedure at all official meetings of the organization, except as specifically noted in these bylaws.

    B. A quorum for any official meeting of the Club shall be 15 percent of the total organizational membership, or ten members, whichever is smaller.

    C. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, the Club may adopt events and conduct regular business with a vote of 50 percent plus one of the members present at any meeting.

    D.The Club may pass resolutions not related to endorsements with a vote of 2/3 of members present and voting at any meeting.

    E. A process to consider the endorsement of candidates must be approved prior to any suggestion of endorsements.  If the discussion of an endorsement process is noticed in the meeting agenda, such process must be approved by at least 2/3 of members present and voting at any meeting.  If the discussion of an endorsement process is brought up from the floor as New Business, such process must be approved by at least three-fourths of members present and voting at any meeting.  Under no circumstances may the Club consider the endorsement of a candidate for public office who is not registered with the Democratic Party.  The minimum threshold for endorsement in a race with multiple Democratic candidates is two-thirds of the members present and voting.

    F. The Club may suspend specific portions of these bylaws and/or Roberts Rules of Order for purpose of emergency business by a vote of two-thirds of the membership present at a meeting, unless the item to be suspended calls for a higher qualification.  In such case, the percent specified in that portion of the bylaws shall be required to suspend that text.  The motion to suspend shall call out the particular section of the bylaws proposed to be suspended.

    G. Changes to the constitution and bylaws not specifically referenced elsewhere must be noticed to the membership at least 72 hours before the vote in question, and must be approved by a majority vote of the members, or 2/3 of its officers.

VIII. Officers

    A. Club officers shall consist of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. They shall be elected to serve one-year terms of office.

    B. Election of officers shall be held in June.  If the president vacates office, the vice-president shall ascend to the position of president, until an election is held to fill the president’s remaining term of office.

    C. In the temporary absence of the president, the vice-president shall serve as president. If the position of vice-president is vacant, the secretary shall serve as vice-president.

    D. The secretary shall be responsible to ensure that all members are notified of Club meetings.  Additionally, the secretary and treasurer shall maintain all written and financial records of the Club.

    E. The president shall officiate at all meetings of the Club.

    F. The president may appoint members temporarily to fill un-expired terms of office, subject to election by the membership at the next Club meeting 30 days after the office is vacated.

    G. The Club shall be represented at meetings of the Central Committee and any Assembly District Committee meetings at which it may be entitled to membership, and at meetings of the California Democratic Council.  A person may serve as representative to more than one outside body if the club membership approves.

    H. The Club is encouraged to appoint a publicity chair, who shall have the responsibility to develop and to implement a plan to increase the visibility of the Club among Democrats within the Napa County. At the presidents discretion the president may appoint a spokesperson empowered to speak on behalf of the club per particular issues or issues. 

    I. The president may appoint Club members to serve in other capacities as needed.

    J. Removal of Officers. The Executive Committee may remove, by majority vote, any officer with or without cause.

    K. The Club may elect such other officers as may be deemed necessary from time to time to conduct Club business.

    L. Executive Committee:

      a. The Executive Committee shall consist four officers.  The Executive Committee may appoint Executive Committee Members at Large to serve on the Executive Committee.

      b. Any Executive Committee meeting may be held by conference telephone, video screen communication, or other communications equipment.






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