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In April, 2009, we launched this program and recognized our first Local Business Hero of the Month, Elements Restaurant & Enoteca in Napa, California, because, -- especially at a time like this -- we tend to lump together business interests and paint them with the same broad brush.  And no doubt there are more than a few out there right now that are not exactly praiseworthy.  But at our March 2009 meeting, we were reminded that there are some really amazing business owners in our  community that stand apart from many of the rest.
Some because they are uncommonly environmentally responsible.  Others have demonstrated a deep commitment to operate their businesses in a socially responsible way.  And there are even some that are unquestionably as committed to one as they are the other.  And, of course, the list doesn't stop there.
We think those are the kinds of businesses that deserve our praise, our thanks, and our patronage.  And we're betting that you'll think so to.
How can you help?
 We'd like you to tell us about local business owners that deserve to be recognized for making "doing the right thing" an integral part of the way they operate their businesses day-by-day.  And we'll select one local business each month from those you nominate that -- in our best judgment -- most clearly demonstrates a commitment to not only produce quality products or services from locations within our community, but to do that in a commendably responsible way.
We'll tell our subscribers all about each monthly winner, present them with a certificate of recognition, and we'll feature them on our new "Business Hero of the Month" Web page.  And we'll ask our members, our supporters, and our subscribers to go out of their way to do business with those folks, because that's what responsible consumers do.
To tell us about your "Local Business Hero," please email the name, address, telephone number and nature of the business that you would like to nominate to and explain briefly why you believe that we should see it that way, too.  And if you are an especially responsible local business owner, don't wait for someone else to sing your praises.  Unmask the hero in your own business by nominating it yourself!
Entries must be submitted by no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 17th, 2009 to be included in the selection process for our May 2009 Business Hero of the Month.  The winner will be announced at our next regular monthly meeting on April 22nd, 2009 and also posted on our Web site shortly after that.



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